Mid-Atlantic College

Application Form

  • Mid-Atlantic College admits students into its academic and training programs without regard to their ethnicity, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religious beliefs or lack of beliefs. Provided all other applicable admissions criteria are met, a person with physical disabilities will be admitted upon certification by a licensed physician that the applicant has the physical capability necessary to complete the essential components of the academic program as well as the capability necessary to work in the chosen field. Mid-Atlantic College admits applicants whose academic and personal qualifications give promise of success in collegiate study. The applicant must hold an associate’s degree from a regionally accredited college or institution. All students must meet the college’s immunization policies prior to registration. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. In order to ensure that the application will be evaluated for a decision, students should submit all requirements in a timely manner. While applications and materials will be accepted on a rolling basis, the College cannot guarantee that the application will be reviewed in time for the start of classes. Applications will be withdrawn, if incomplete, after the intended entry term has begun, unless the applicant submits a request in writing to keep the application open for another term.
  • NOTE: (If you plan to apply for Federal Financial Aid, your Social Security Number is required)
  • Enrollment Information

  • LIST ALL SCHOOLS ATTENDED AND PROVIDE ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT FOR EACH, WHETHER OR NOT CREDIT WAS EARNED OR DESIRED. Include also any course-work attempted or completed at Mid-Atlantic College either previously or currently. NOTE: Failure to provide all information from all previously attended institutions may result in the immediate cancellation of your application for admission, or dismissal from the College if admitted.
  • COLLEGE (1)
  • COLLEGE (2)
  • COLLEGE (3)
  • CANDIDATE’S AGREEMENT: I understand that all information submitted herein will relied upon by College officials to determine my status for admission and residency eligibility. I authorize the College to verify the information i have provided, and i agree to notify officials of any change in the information provided by me. I certify that the information on this application is complete and correct, and i understand that submission of false information grounds for rejection, reversal of acceptance, cancellation of enrollment or initiation of disciplinary action against me.