Instructional Program

RN to BSN programs allow registered nurses (RNs) to continue formal education in their field and obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

A BSN is generally a prerequisite for pursuing advanced degrees or employment positions in nursing. Mid-Atlantic College will offer the RN to BSN Program which will recruit and educate post RN licensure nurses. RN to BSN curricula cover advanced nursing concepts, leadership, community health nursing and nursing research. Experienced nurses expand upon knowledge students already possess.

The RN to BSN program consists of two academic semesters of full time attendance. To be classified as full time, students must register for at a minimum of 12 credit hours in a semester. There are two sessions per semester and three semesters per academic year. Students select which two semesters to attend when attending full-time. Students must register for both sessions in any given semester. The types of instruction offered include face-to-face classes, hybrid classes, preceptor clinical experiences and simulated laboratory experiences.

There are two clinical courses in the curriculum: Community Nursing and Leadership in Nursing. Clinical experiences in Community Nursing facilitate assessment of a community, implementation of a teaching/learning project with a selected group, and beginning skills in coordination of health care through collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team. Students are responsible to seek out and

​identify community based clinical experiences. Clinical experiences must be approved by course faculty the semester prior to registering for this course.

Leadership in Nursing provides opportunities for students to explore a variety of topics essential to facilitation of nursing leadership in health care environments. Students learn about theories of organizational behavior, leadership and management. Dialogues centers on topics of group facilitation, delegation, motivation, collaboration, team building, empowerment, conflict management, and negotiation in the context of nursing practice. Students will be paired with a nurse leader and will shadow the nurse leader throughout the specific semester. A written agreement between Mid-Atlantic College and partner organizations is not required for preceptor clinical experiences.